Study Tour at Tampere Vocal Music Festival 2019


3-day-tour 7–9 June // EUR 140,00
5-day-tour 5–9 June // EUR 180,00


Aim group: conductors and choral music enthusiasts

The schedule of the meetings of Study Tour will be announced later.

The Tour is hosted by conductor, professor emeritus Matti Hyökki.

3-day-tour 7–9 June // EUR 140,00
5-day-tour 5–9 June // EUR 180,00


Tampere Hall © Laura Vanzo / Visit Tampere

Programme for the Study Tours


Wednesday 5 June

Contest for Vocal Ensembles
Acoustic Ensembles
10.20–11.30 Tampere Hall, Small Auditorium

A contest for groups of 3-8 singers

Jury: Jussi Chydenius (FI, chairman), Karoliina Kantelinen (FI), Sara Brimer Davey (US), Michael McGlynn (IE), Paul Phoenix (UK)

Study Tour session
14.00–15.00 Meet at Tampere Hall, Festival info
Contest for Vocal Ensembles
Amplified Ensembles
15.30–17.45 Tampere Hall, Small Auditorium
Club For Five Goes Philharmonic
19.00 Tampere Hall, Main Auditorium

Conductor Ville Matvejeff

Tuuletar & Friends
21.00 Telakka

Thursday 6 June

Ensemble Workshop
10.00–13.00 Tampere Hall

The jury of the Contest will coach the participating ensembles. Participants of the study tour can follow the workshop as passive students.

Study Tour session
14.30–15.30 Meeting at Tampere Hall, Festival info
International Chorus Review
15.50–17.30 Tampere Hall, Main Auditorium

Jury: Kari Turunen (FI, chairman), Saara Aittakumpu (FI), Carsten Seyer-Hansen (DK), Volker Hempfling (DE), Jennifer Tham (SG)

Ensemble Contest Gala
18.00 Tampere Hall, Small Auditorium

Finalists of the Contest for Vocal Ensembles raise the roof at a concert culminating in the prize-giving ceremony. The 2017 Grand Prix winner Quintense are also on the programme. Hosted by Inari Tilli.

Quintense (DE) & Ensemble Club
22.00 Klubi
Quintense © Marcus Fröhner

5-day-tour & 3-day-tour

Friday 7 June

International Chorus Review
9.30–17.45 Tampere Hall, Main Auditorium
Nordic Choral Music
10.00-12.00 Tampere Hall, Opus 1–2

An introduction to choral music by Matti Hyökki in Nordic countries

Study Tour session
12.00–13.00 Tampere Hall, Opus 1–2
Jim Daus Hjernøe: The Intelligent Choir
14.00–17.00 Tampere Hall

In this workshop aimed at choral singers and conductors alike, Professor Jim Daus Hjernøe from the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus/Aalborg presents his innovative concept for learning and rehearsing rhythmic choral music.

Tampere Cappella
18.00 Old Town Hall

Conductor Elisa Huovinen

Nordic Choir Expedition 2: Det Norske Solistkor (NO)
20.00 Tampere Cathedral

Conductor Grete Pedersen

Accent (SE/FR/US/CA/UK)
22.00 Klubi

Saturday 8 June

International Chorus Review
9.30–17.45 Tampere Hall, Main Auditorium
Presentation of Finnish Choral Music 
10–12 Tampere Hall, Opus 1–2

Reijo Kekkonen will make a brief presentation on Finnish choral music through ages and concentrate on some of the most important contemporary composers.

Bass Choir
12.00–12.20 Tampere Hall, Choir Market
Meet the Composer: Jaakko Mäntyjärvi (FI)
13.00-14.30 Tampere Hall, Aaria

Composer Jaakko Mäntyjärvi, a regular guest at the festival, offers a talk in English about the background to some of his choral works, about the development of his style, about surprising hits and whatever else he can think of.

Nordic Choir Expedition 3: Eric Ericsons Kammarkör (SE)
15.00 Tampere Hall, Small Auditorium

Conductor Fredrik Malmberg

Study Tour session
16.30–17.30 Meet at Tampere Hall, Festival info
Nordic Choir Expedition 4: Helsingin Kamarikuoro
18.00 Tampere Hall, Small Auditorium

Conductor Nils Schweckendiek

AcaCartelli feat. Club For Five, FORK & Rajaton
20.00 Pakkahuone
© Helsingin Juhlaviikot / Petri Anttila

Sunday 9 June

Choir Picnic
12.00 Sorsapuisto park
Study Tour session
13.00–14.00 Meet at Tampere Hall, Festival info
Chorus Review Gala
14.00 Tampere Hall, Main auditorium

The Chorus Review culminates in the Gala, where choirs selected by the jury perform. The suspense builds towards the end and the announcement of merit prizes for choirs and conductors.

Christophorus Kantorei © Maarit Kytöharju

A bonus concert for the 5-day-tour if you arrive already on 4 June:

Tuesday 4 June

Nordic Choir Expedition 1: Ars Nova Copenhagen (DK)
19.00 Alexander Church

Conductor Paul Hillier

Ars Nova Copenhagen Nikolai © Østergård


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