Voco Novo Tampereen Sävel 2015 © Maarit Kytöharju

Contest for Vocal Ensembles

Known for its electric atmosphere and high standard, the international Contest for Vocal Ensembles again brings groups to Tampere from Finland and abroad: 12 ensembles from nine countries were selected in the preliminary round to compete in Tampere. This year, the Contest is divided into acoustic and amplified categories. The detailed performance schedule and ensemble CVs may be found in the separate booklet ‘Contest for Vocal Ensembles and International Chorus Review’. The competition performances are given in the Small Auditorium of Tampere Hall on Wednesday 7 June, and the Contest culminates in the exciting Gala on Thursday 8 June. The Näsinneula-trophy will be handed over to the winner of the competition by the chairman of the Kalle Kaihari Cultural Foundation, Anna-Kaisa Ikonen.

Timetable of the Concest for Vocal Ensembles

Jussi Chydenius (FI), chairman
Katarina Henryson (SE)
Karoliina Kantelinen (FI)
Michael McGlynn (IE)
Paul Phoenix (UK)

Acoustic category
Ilo Ensemble
KOR (Italy)
Latvian Voices (Latvia)
Må Pyton (Finland)
SINE NOMINE (Colombia)

Vocal group Maneo (Estonia) and vodeon (Germany) cancelled

Amplified category
Ardú Vocal Ensemble
Jazzva (Slovenia)
Quintense (Germany)
SKETY (Czech Republic)
Soul Sisters (Finland)
Stagement (Finland)

In cooperation with the Kalle Kaihari Cultural Foundation.

Vocal Group Maneo is not able to attend the competition and has cancelled (16 May 2017).