Quintense © Maarit Kytöharju
Quintense © Maarit Kytöharju

Thu 8 Jun 2017

Grand Prix in Contest for Vocal Ensembles to Quintense from Germany

The Contest for Vocal Ensembles at the Tampere Vocal Music Festival concluded with the Grand Prix, the Näsinneula Trophy, being awarded to Quintense from Leipzig, Germany. The five members of the ensemble are: Sabrina Häckel (soprano), Katrin Enkemeier (alto), Carsten Göpfert (tenor), Jonas Enseleit (baritone, beatbox) and Martin Lorenz (bass). Quintense competed in the amplified category, where it won first prize (EUR 2,500). Second prize in the amplified category (EUR 1,500) was awarded to SKETY from the Czech Republic.

Ilo Ensemble © Antti KokkolaIn the acoustic category, first prize (EUR 2,500) was awarded to Ilo Ensemble from Helsinki, Finland and second prize (EUR 1,500) to Latvian Voices from Riga, Latvia. Third prize was awarded ex aequo to KOR from Italy and Sine Nomine from Colombia (EUR 1,000 each). The above six ensembles performed in the Ensemble Gala on Thursday.

Jussi Chydenius, chairman of the international jury, notes that the standard of performance in the Contest was high as always. “The winners are young ensembles that despite their short career already show huge potential. The singers in Quintense are extremely talented and charismatic performers, and the young women in Ilo Ensemble have quickly developed a musical identity of their own, combining folk tradition with original music,” Chydenius says. “Also, the remarkably high quality in the acoustic category proves that the decision made two years ago to divide the Contest into acoustic and amplified categories was justified,” he adds.

The other members of the jury in the Contest were Katarina Henryson, Karoliina Kantelinen, Michael McGlynn and Paul Phoenix. A total of 11 ensembles from eight countries had qualified for the final round of the Contest, which was held on Wednesday. The contest is sponsored by the Kalle Kaihari Cultural Foundation.

Prizes in brief: Acoustic category: 1st prize, Ilo Ensemble (EUR 2,500); 2nd prize, Latvian Voices (EUR 1,500); 3rd prize ex aequo, KOR and Sine Nomine (EUR 1,000 each). Amplified category: 1st prize, Quintense (EUR 2,500); 2nd prize, SKETY (EUR 1,500). Grand Prix: Quintense.