100 Choirs on Keskustori 24 May cond. Sanna Valvanne © Juho Lumiaho
100 Choirs on the way to Keskustori © Juho Lumiaho
100 Choirs on Keskustori 24 May cond. Sanna Valvanne © Juho Lumiaho
100 Choirs on the way to Keskustori © Juho Lumiaho

Mon 29 May 2017

‘100 Choirs’ brings 5,000 people to Keskustori

100 Choirs -event was followed by several thousends of people © Juho LumiahoThe advance event of the Tampere Vocal Music Festival culminated in a grand finale on Wednesday 24 May, as choirs from around the Tampere region convened on Keskustori square to sing together in celebration of the centenary of Finland’s independence. The programme included both classic choral favourites and well-known rock songs by Tampere-based bands. Listeners were particularly touched by Kesäpäivä Kangasalla [Summer day in Kangasala] and the Finlandia Hymn but also by Musta aurinko nousee [Black sun rising] by the late singer-songwriter Juice Leskinen, arranged for choir by Johanna Lantto, judging by comments in the social media. Interest in the concert was considerable, and the police estimate that there were a total of about 5,000 people on Keskustori. The concert was conducted by Sanna Valvanne, artistic director of the Tampere Vocal Music Festival, from the balcony of City Hall.

The 100 Choirs -event started at the Main Library Metso music department and after the concert on Keskustori, the choirs continued on the Choir Crawl giving free concerts in restaurants. The evening ended at the Old Customs House with an after party full of singing and joy. The advance event Muista Sävel [Power of Song!] also included a talk by Samuli Tiikkaja about composer Einojuhani Rautavaara at the music department of the Main Library Metso on Monday and a singing workshop led by Sanna Valvanne on Tuesday.

Sauriat @Telakka on the Choir Crawl © Juho LumiahoThe Tampere Vocal Music Festival will be bringing some 2,000 singers to town from Tuesday to Sunday 6–11 June. The festival programme planned by Sanna Valvanne focuses on children and adolescents, and also on community. The concerts feature interesting solo artists, top-quality choirs and dazzling vocal ensembles, with a range of musical styles extending from pop and beatboxing to contemporary concert music, jazz and folk music. A series of free concerts titled Feel the Festival! brings participating choirs to various spaces around the city – daycare centres, nursing homes, restaurants, exhibition spaces at the Finlayson Art Area and church services.

Sanna Valvanne is one of Finland’s most internationally recognized choir conductors, continuously touring the world giving workshops for choirs and choir conductors. The creative choral method she has developed since 1994, Sing&Shine with Body&Soul, combines vocal expression with movement, drama, improvisation, and imagination. Valvanne has encouraged thousands of singers of all ages, especially children and young people around Europe and Asia, as well as North and South America, to sing and perform with joy and freedom. Sanna lived in the USA for eleven years, focusing her work on El Sistema inspired choral projects that enabled socially underprivileged children to study music in New York. She returned to Finland in autumn 2016 to direct her newly found Sing&Shine Choirs and to lead community projects for senior citizens and refugees.

(Kuvat Juho Lumiaho)

A video about the event on Keskustori will be posted on this website shortly. Instagram postings can be found using the hashtags #100Kuoroa and #tamperevocal.

Listen to the Finlandia Hymn by Jean Sibelius, sang by the 100 Choirs on Keskustori.

Tickets to concerts at the Tampere Vocal Music Festival are available on www.lippu.fi.

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