Feel the Festival!

Feel the Festival! is a series of free pop-up concerts around the city by choirs and vocal ensembles, and also events where the audience can sing along. The series concludes with the Choir Picnic in Sorsapuisto park on Sunday.


Wednesday 5 June

12.00 Aitoleipä Café Central Square: Singalong cond. Mari Kätkä
14.30 Children’s culture centre Rulla: Spread Voice

Thursday 6 June

13.30 Pohjola service centre: St Petersburg Choral Theatre
16.30 Main library Metso: Singalong cond. Mari Kätkä

Friday 7 June

11.30 Choir Market: Singalong cond. Mari Kätkä
12.00 Tullintori shopping centre: Háskólakórinn
12.15 Choir Market: Beethoven 250: Come and sing
12.30 Tullintori shopping centre: Canta Chiara
13.00 Kuusela Centre: Singalong cond. Marjukka Riihimäki
15.00 Choir Market: Male Choir Music 200
15.00 Museum Milavida: Sine Nomine Vocal
15.00 Viola Home: Open Voice
16.00 Tullintori shopping centre: LBK 
16.00 Finlayson Art Area: Kammerchor Vocantare
19.00 Sokos Hotel Torni, Moro Sky Bar: Sing & Shine

Lauantai 8.6. Saturday 8 June

11.30 Choir Market: Sing & Shine
12.00 Choir Market: Bass choir
12.15 Be Calm & Buzz On: Naiskuoro Kupliva
14.15 Choir Market: Viihdekuoro Sawo Ensemble      
15.30 Rajaportti sauna: Sine Nomine Vocal
15.30 Be Calm & Buzz On: St. Petersburg Choral Theatre
16.30 Telakka: Singalong cond. Mari Kätkä
16.30 Be Calm & Buzz On: Naiskuoro Sawotta
18.20 Rajaportti sauna: Tellus
19.00 Telakka: Sing & Shine  

Sunday 9 June

10.00 Viinikka Church: Medvíďata Youth Choir, Kamarikuoro Camena
10.00 Tampere Cathedral: A Cappella Chor Tulln
12.00 Sorsapuisto Park: Choral picnic, various performers
12.00 Cassiopeia
12.15 Vox Polaris
12.30 Espoon Laulu
12.45 Canta Chiara
13.00 Teekkarikuoro
13.15 Háskólakórinn

(In the Tampere Hall foyer if it rains)