4.6. at 19.00 Aleksanterin kirkko

Nordic Choir Expedition 1: Ars Nova Copenhagen (DK)

Conductor Paul Hillier

Julia Wolfe (*1958): Guard my tongue (2009) (Ps. 34)
Anna Thorvaldsdottir (*1977): Heyr þú os himnum á (2005)
Peter Maxwell Davies (1934–2016): A Norse Pater Noster (1976–77)
Peter Maxwell Davies: Sea Runes (1986) (G. M. Brown)
James Macmillan (*1959): The gallant weaver (1997) (R. Burns)
Pelle Gudmundsen Holmgreen (1932–2016): May in the Greenwood (2016)
Vagn Holmboe (1909–2000): Two Border Ballads (1972)
1. Dirge
2. The Wee Wee Man

== break ==

Tomás Luis de Victoria (1548–1611):
Alma redemptoris mater (1581)
O magnum mysterium (1572)
Salve Regina (1576)
Einojuhani Rautavaara (1928–2016): Suite de Lorca (1973) (F. G. Lorca)
1. Canción de jinete
2. El grito
3. La luna asoma
4. Malagueña

This concert features a programme combining early and contemporary music in the way typical for Ars Nova Copenhagen. And as expressed by the title it also combines material – both music and words – from the Nordic region (Thorvaldsdottir, Gudmudsen-Holmgreen, Holmboe & Rautavaara) and Scotland/Orkney (Maxwell Davies, Macmillan & Holmboe) with music and words from the southern part of Europe, represented by Spain (Victoria & Rautavaara).

While the programme recurrently touches on the dark or mysterious – sometimes presented in the garments of traditional religion – it also gives way to happy and carefree songs about spring or love or about a strange creature encountered in a legend from the border region between England and Scotland. The concert opens with Julia Wolfe who belongs to a group of American composers who frequently appear in Ars Nova’s programmes.

Ars Nova Copenhagen was founded in 1979 and is widely recognized as one of the world’s finest vocal ensembles. The ensemble’s chief conductor and artistic director since 2003 is the acclaimed British conductor Paul Hillier. Ars Nova Copenhagen specializes in the interpretation of the polyphonic choral music of the renaissance and new vocal music. The ensemble is also building collaborations with creative artists in different fields such as drama, film, and ballet, as well as cultivating new modes of concert performance and innovative repertoire.


Supported by Finnish-Danish Cultural Foundation

Free entry for under 16-year-old children.

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