5.6. Tampere-talo, Pieni sali

Contest for Vocal Ensembles

The contest brings together vocal ensembles from Finland and abroad to compete in two categories, acoustic and amplified. The performance schedule will be published in May. The contest will culminate in the Gala on Thursday 6 June.

Ensembles qualified for the final:

Acoustic ensembles

Aba Taano (Uganda)
Ensemble Nobiles (Germany)
Lauluyhtye Lumoa (Finland)
Spread Voice (Germany)

Amplified ensembles

A Capella Boğaziçi (Turkey)
inTones (Finland)
Johan & Juristerna (Finland)
Kuvaja (Finland)
Of Cabbages and Kings (Germany)
Sine Nomine (Colombia)
Sønk (Denmark)
Äänirajoilla (Finland)

Free entrance

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