Rules of the Contest for Ensembles 2021

1. Organiser

The Contest for Vocal Ensembles will be organised by the City of Tampere on 9–10 June 2021.

2. Participation

All accompanied and a cappella vocal ensembles with 3 to 8 singers, both professional and non-professional, are invited to participate in the Contest. The ensemble should perform one singer per part and must perform without a conductor. The accompanying group, if any, must not have more than five (5) members.

3. Structure of the Contest

The Contest is divided into two rounds: the qualifying round based on recordings submitted by the ensembles and the final round held at the Tampere Vocal Music Festival. The Contest is divided into two categories: 1) ensembles performing acoustically, and 2) ensembles performing with electronic amplification. The organiser of the Contest will decide on the number of ensembles accepted for the final round in each category.

4. Entering the qualifying round

To enter the qualifying round, fill in the online entry form that will be available on the website of the Tampere Vocal Music Festival from 2 to 31 January 2021: The recordings submitted for the qualifying round must be attached to the entry form as one or more sound files. Entrants are free to choose their repertoire. However, the recording(s) must contain three (3) pieces of music, at least one of which must be performed a cappella. Contest entries must be received no later than 31 January 2021. Entries received after the deadline will be disqualified.

5. Final round, 9 June 2021

All ensembles participating in the qualifying round will be informed of which ensembles have been accepted for the final round by 22 February 2021. The ensembles accepted do not have to have the same programme in the final round as in the qualifying round. However, the programme for the final round must also include at least one piece performed a cappella. The programme must be no longer than 15 minutes from entrance to exit. The jury will pay special attention to the overall programme of each ensemble.
The concert hall will have a grand piano available, but any other accompanying instruments will have to be brought by the ensembles themselves. Background recordings must not be used in the final round. In the amplified ensembles category, effect and loop devices may be used as long as the input is nothing but the live voice of one or more singers. Prerecorded audio samples are not allowed. An ensemble may bring its own technical equipment if necessary, but permission to do so must be requested from the contest organiser in advance. An ensemble may use its own sound technician, but he/she must work under the control of the technical staff of the organiser.
The ensembles accepted for the final round must submit the following material to the Tampere Vocal Music Festival office by 26 March 2021 as instructed separately:
– programme for the final round, in the order of performance: title of piece, composer, lyricist, arranger;
– CV or presentation of the ensemble;
– photograph of the ensemble (resolution at least 300 dpi) and the name of the photographer;
– scores of the pieces on the programme (6 copies of each piece). If the ensemble has learned a piece by ear and no score exists, a brief explanation of this in English on an A4 sheet of paper must be submitted (6 copies);
– if any of the pieces are in a language other than English, a brief summary in a few sentences of the contents of those pieces (in English, 6 copies).

6. Concluding concert, 10 June 2021

The concluding concert of the Contest for Vocal Ensembles will be held on 10 June 2021 at 18.00. The jury will select the ensembles and pieces for this concert from among the final round performances. The jury is entitled to take performances at the concluding concert into account when deciding on how to distribute the prizes.

7. Participation fee

The participation fee for ensembles accepted for the final round will be EUR 150, to be paid as instructed separately. In case of cancellation, if notification is received by the Tampere Vocal Music Festival office after the due date for the participation fee, the fee will not be refunded. The participation fee includes a workshop on 10 June at 10–13 led by the jury of the Contest.

8. Awards

A total of EUR 10,000 will be given out as prizes and awards in the final round. Each ensemble will receive a diploma and a written assessment from the jury by mail after the Contest.

9. Jury

The Contest will have an international five-member jury chaired by Jussi Chydenius (FI). The members of the jury will be announced in December 2020 at the latest.

10. Miscellaneous

Participating ensembles are responsible for all their costs (including but not limited to travel, accommodation and meals).
All ensembles must use legitimate musical scores.
The organiser reserves the right to all radio and television broadcasts, recording, filming, and photographing of Contest performances as well as the publication of the resulting images, recordings, and video streaming online, in social media and for the purposes of festival marketing, all without reimbursement to the participants.
The official languages of the Contest are Finnish and English. In questions of interpretation arising from these rules, only the current version in Finnish shall be binding.