Chorus Review

The grand International Chorus Review of the festival occupies the Main Auditorium at Tampere Hall from Thursday to Saturday, 6 to 8 June. Each choir is given 15 minutes in which to perform. Audiences are welcome to listen to individual choirs or several at one sitting. The Chorus Review culminates in the Gala on Sunday 9 June, where the international jury will hand out merit prizes to choirs and conductors.

The choirs participating the International Chorus Review

A Cappella Chor Tulln
conductor Gottfried Zawichowski
Tulln, Austria, mixed choir

conductor Riitta Sorvola
Turku, women’s choir

conductor Esko Kallio
Espoo, youth choir

Canta Chiara
conductor Carsten Schultze
Berlin, Germany, youth choir

conductor Kristian Heberg
Oulu, mixed choir

Kaarina, women’s choir

conductor Nina Melasalmi
Helsinki, women’s choir

Espoon Laulu
conductor Säde Bartling
Espoo, mixed choir

conductor Hanna Kronqvist
Helsinki, women’s choir

Finnair Singers
conductor Pasi Eskelinen
Vantaa, women’s choir

conductor Ella Matveeva
Gatchina, Russia, children’s choir

conductor Gunnsteinn Ólafsson
Reykjavík, Iceland, mixed choir

Iisalmen Kalevalakuoro       
conductor Anne Pohjoisaho
Iisalmi, women’s choir

Joensuun Mieslaulajat
conductor Janne Piipponen
Joensuu, mieskuoro men’s choir

Kamarikuoro Addictio
conductor Elisa Huovinen
Helsinki, mixed choir

Kamarikuoro Sonore
conductor Malla Kärkkäinen
Äänekoski, mixed choir

Kamarikuoro Vivace
conductor Mia Makaroff
Vantaa, mixed choir

Kammerchor Vocantare
conductor Nils Jensen
Berlin, Germany, mixed choir

Kartanon Laulu
conductor Essi-Reetta Särkämö
Vantaa, women’s choir

Kilven Kuoro
conductor Hanna Remes
Helsinki, mixed choir

conductor Kaisa Halmemies
Jyväskylä, mixed choir

KOE! – Kokkola-Oulu -ensemble
conductor Marita Kaakinen
Kokkola, women’s choir

Lahden Kamarikuoro
conductor Hannu Marjamäki
Lahti, mixed choir

conductor Kaspars Vēvers
Riika Riga, Latvia, mixed choir

conductor Anneli Julén
Joensuu, women’s choir

Medvíďata Children’s Choir
conductor Lukáš Holec
Český Krumlov, Czech Republic, children’s choir

Medvíďata Youth Choir 
conductor Lukáš Holec
Český Krumlov, Czech Republic, youth choir

Mieskuoro Sirkat    
conductor Kimmo Tuuri
Jyväskylä, men’s choir

Naiskuoro Kupliva
conductor Viena Kangas
Espoo, women’s choir

Naiskuoro Sawotta
conductor Mari-Anni Hilander
Kuopio, women’s choir

Open Voice
conductor Merja Rajala
Helsinki, women’s choir

Pohjalaisten Osakuntien Laulajat (POL)
conductor Julia Lainema
Helsinki, mixed choir

Qoro Quando
conductor Jori Männistö
Vantaa, mixed choir

Queens of Qoro Quando
conductor Emma Kuntsi
Vantaa, women’s choir

Rauma Flikkatten Göör
conductor Niiki Nuutinen
Rauma, women’s choir

conductor Jukka Lehtinen
Parkano, women’s choir

Riihimäen Naislaulajat
conductor Nina Melasalmi
Riihimäki, women’s choir

Sibbo Vokalensemble (SVOK)
conductor Jessica Lång
Sipoo, mixed choir

Sawo Ensemble
conductor Tiina Taskinen-Viinikainen
Kuopio, mixed choir

conductor Pirjo Kotkaniemi
Seinäjoki, women’s choir

St Petersburg Choral Theatre
conductor OlgaSpitsyna
Petersburg, Russia, mixed choir

conductor Johanna Lantto
Tampere, mixed choir

conductor Petra Poutanen-Hurme
Tampere, women’s choir

Turun yliopiston kuoro
conductor Elisa Huovinen
Turku, mixed choir

Vantaan Kamarikuoro
conductor Ilona Korhonen
Vantaa, mixed choir

Vokalensemblen Röster
conductor Kirsi Tunkkari
Vaasa, mixed choir

Vox Polaris
conductor Jaana Turunen
Kuopio, mixed choir

Timetable of the Chorus Review

Thursday 6 June – Saturday 8 June

Tampere Hall, Main Auditorium, free entry

Daily timetables:

Sunday 9 June

Chorus Review Gala

14.00 Tampere Hall, Main Auditorium, 23/18 €