Festival club

Biennale Goes Mental I

Ahti & Haasjoki

Marja Ahti – elektronics & field recordings, Pauliina Haasjoki – poetry

Sushi Jugend

Antti Vuornos – electronics & percussion


Maiju Jouppi – DIMI-A, Jari Suominen – DIMI-A

Ilpo Numminen

Ilpo Numminen – syntetisaattori & sähkökitara synthetizator & electronic guitar

The first concert of the Biennale Goes Mental package is an electronics extravaganza. Marja Ahti and Pauliina Haasjoki blend poetry, electronics and field recordings. Sushi Jugend provides a multimedia show where absurd images from recovered VHS tapes are underpinned with a playfully crunching and bubbling soundtrack. Ilpo Numminen, maestro of modular synthesizers, performs amidst a sea of wiring. And in a historical moment, the DIMI-A synthesizer created by Erkki Kurenniemi and resurrected at the music research lab at the University of Helsinki will be played as a duo for the first time ever, performed by Maiju Jouppi and Jari Suominen.