Family Event

Tampere Biennale's Family Day


Moomin Museum

11.00, 12.00, 13.00 guided tours for the whole family* (30 min)

11.30, 12.30, 13.30 Moomin stories in Magic Winter* (20 min) or composition workshop* (45 min)

Guides and storytellers: Curators of Education at Cultural Education Unit TAITE Janina Ahlfors, Kirsi Karvonen

Composition workshop instruction: Marko Niittymäki

Tampere Hall Foyer Club

14.30–15.00 fairy-tale opera Princess Chatterbox

libretto Susanna Haavisto
composer and conductor Tuomas Turriago
Princess Aleksiina Turtiainen
King and townsperson Wille Enckell
Petrus, Cook and person from Turku Sonja Herranen
Hessu, Gardener and Tango Prince Saija Siuko
Lady-in-waiting and Granny Marjaana Ritanen

Guided tours on family day explore the importance of friendship. The tour includes fun yoga exercises suitable for visitors of all ages. After the tour, visitors can listen to a story or attend a composition workshop to create a piece of music of their own inspired by the Moomins. The day concludes with a fairy-tale opera by Tuomas Turriago about the endlessly talking Princess Chatterbox.

* please sign up in advance here

Jointly organised by the Tampere Biennale, the Moomin Museum, the Cultural Education Unit TAITE, the Tampere Music Academy, the Tampere Chamber Opera Association

Language: Finnish