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Sound Art Exhibition

Galleria Rajatila

Antti Tolvi: Forest Harmony, 2017, sound installation

Tolvi is looking at the similarities in meditation and dronemusic. In meditation there often comes a state when a pressure is being built up. Uncomfortable feelings that have been kept hidden are surfacing as tension in the body. The same type of thing can be experienced in drone music. First the listener should give enough time to let the sound to open up, after which he is able to dive into the sound and listen to all the delicate variations and fluctuations that are happening inside the sound itself. Also in the sustained sound of Tolvi’s organ one can find fluctuations, patterns and sounds within the sound. It is all about giving the possibility to something simple to turn into something sophisticated.

Antti Tolvi has constructed an organ that is playing one single chord throughout the day. The pipes are made out of angelica (Angelica arhcangelica) which produce a soft and pleasant sound. The piece brings together Tolvi’s interest for zen meditation, qigong and music. The piece is a continuation on his last work “Pipe Harmony” which was exhibited at Sorbus Gallery in Helsinki last year.

Max Savikangas: Isle of Bliss, 2018, sound installation (Commissioned by Tampere Biennale)

Exhibition open: Mon–Fri 13.00–18.00, Sat–Sun 12.00–16.00