© Nea Lindgrén
Sound Art Exhibition

Galleria Himmelblau

Otso Lähdeoja: Motet, 2018, installation, in collaboration with choreographer Satu Tuomisto

Motet is a silent sound installation for dancing speakers. The work embodies a paradox on the boundary of sound and movement: the speakers play infrasound frequencies that are not audible to human ears but manifests itself as a series of hypnotic movements.

Tytti Arola & Hanna Laeslehto: Ilmapallokone, 2017, sound sculpture

Ilmapallokone (Balloon machine) is a sculpture studying balloons as resonators of sound. The sound is produced by plucked strings.

Maximilian Marcoll: Control Issues #1, 2018, sound installation

Music for idle Sound Engineers

Jon-Patrik Kuhlefelt: Hommage in/to 8-bits, 2018, sound installation

Hommage in/to 8-bits is a ping-pong table that goes ‘blip’.

Pekka Sassi: A Friend, 2016, single channel

Happy hippie kinetic film. A Friend is a constructive abstract short film about something cold and distant turning into warm and friendly. It’s a kinetic folksong. Hooray for Liz Rhodes and Donovan.

Exhibition open: Tue–Fri 11.00–17.00 and Sat–Sun 12.00–16.00