Sound Art Exhibition

Galleria Saskia

Pekka Sassi: Line Fill,2003, single channel

Horisontaalinen ja vertikaalinen tuokio abstraktissa tilassa. Ylivalottunutta viivastoa.

Pekka Sassi: Seven, 2006, single channel

Video adaptation of the kinetic painting series Sik Sak by Perttu Näsänen 1968

Eino Ruutsalo: Light Wall, 1976, kinetic light art work, Tampere City Collection

Eino Ruutsalo: Kinetic Pictures, 1962, single channel

The film makes an attempt to provide a new basis for pictorial expression by means of pre-prepared and post-treated film and by the use of cinematic motion as a framework. The power of the picture frame is reinforced with painting. Various types of film, glossy, black, picture-line, negative and positive, have been scratched, etched, perforated, drawn on or painted, the aim being to create values enhancing the tension of the picture field.

Unto Hämäläinen: Road to the North, 1970s, kinetic light art work, Tampere Art Museum

Unto Hämäläinen: Waterfall, 1970s, kinetic light art work, Tampere Art Museum

Unto Hämäläinen was one of the founding members of Dimensio, an artists’ group established in 1972. Its first proper publication in 1973 explained the goals of the group, which also illustrate the approach of Eino Ruutsalo, who was not a member: “Dimensio is a group of artists and technologists studying, developing and experimenting with the methods and materials of expression. Its exhibitions and events seek to demonstrate the opportunities offered by science and technology to art, while also expressing phenomena of science and technology with the means of art.”

Kalev Tiits: Come vernal equinox, 2017, Tin convex, 2018, Glass bead triangle, 2016, Straw cycle, 2016, Ukonpii, 2016–2018, Waterfront, 2018, Wood block, metal taper, 2018, sound sculptures

This exhibition creates a quiet and occasionally changing soundscape in the gallery environment. Each work has a character of its own, but in terms of the audio component the idea was to link each work to the others and to create a sum of these parts. Construction ideas and solutions emerged through sketching and sometimes through directly working with the material, but some part was played by my dreams, which seem to continue processing my artistic ideas while I sleep. The influence of my sound art workplace community is also apparent. I would particularly like to thank my colleague Marianne Decoster-Taivalkoski and Kirsi Vinkki from the Sibelius Academy instrument workshop, both of whom kindly contributed help to the emergence of these works.

Kaj Mäki-Ullakko: JANSEN, 2018, kinetic sound sculpture

The foundation of my work is an homage to Theo Jansen, a Dutch inventor and kinetic sculptor and his works. Jansen has developed and built his beach creatures (Strandbeest) for decades; wind-powered kinetic sculptures wandering around the beaches of Holland with the ability to avoid walking into the sea or collapsing due to stormy winds. The smooth movement of these beach creatures is largely based on the leg mechanics designed by Jansen. This same mechanism is presented in my own work. I myself have for years wondered and admired the very organic movement of Jansens beach creatures and his ambitious development of them. My kinetic sound sculpture JANSEN shows an interpretation of the beach life of a certain Jansen leg.


Vocal improvisation by Marja Skaffari
Sat 14 Apr at 12.00

Tampere-based actor, singer and voice artist Marja Skaffari presents a vocal improvisation in dialogue with the works displayed at Galleria Saskia during the Tampere Biennale.