© Fabio Lugaro

John Butcher - The Geometry of Sentiment

John Butcher - saxophone

The concert ends at about 21.45

A solo concert, for me, is an opportunity to embrace the uniqueness of each playing and listening situation. Over 30 years I have presented solos in concert halls, churches, clubs, pubs, caves, theatres, the Texan desert, French forests, an underground Scottish reservoir, a hollow Japanese mountain, a giant German gasometer and more. From the driest rooms to the most extreme resonances.

This has made sense because improvisation allows an especially creative and fluid response to the particular acoustics and atmosphere of different locations. “The Geometry of Sentiment” is a set of pieces drawing on this long history. I have a good idea of what is likely to happen, but, fortunately, not the complete picture.

Produced in co-operation with Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival; supported by British Council.