© Susanna Lönnrot


Lucien Danzeisen: Weiter: Weshalb ist eine aus mehreren Einsen zusammengefasste Zahl _eine_ Zahl? (2016/2018) (first performance of the new version)
Veli Kujala: Taz (2018) (first performance) (commissioned by Tampere Biennale)
Usko Meriläinen: Unes (1990)
Ville Raasakka: All clouds are not data clouds II (2018) (first performance)
Eero Hämeenniemi: Dall’inverno all’estate (2010)
Salvatore Sciarrino: Lo spazio inverso (1985)

Kaisa Kortelainen - flute, Helmi Malmgren - clarinet, Väinö Jalkanen - piano, Jerry Piipponen - percussion, Aliisa Neige Barrière - violin, Sirja Nironen - cello

The concert ends at about 14.00.

“If forms are numbers, how can they be causes?” asks Aristotle in his Metaphysics, and this issue inspired the opening number of the concert by Swiss-born Lucien Danzeisen. He heard the first concert of the ÄÄNI collective in a gallery in Berlin in 2015, and the work he subsequently wrote for them was partly completed during his working period in Rovaniemi in autumn 2016.

The first of the two premieres on the programme, Taz by Veli Kujala, is an unabashed virtuoso vehicle and incredibly quirky. Indirectly inspired by the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal in The Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, it eventually seems to depart from its origins and approach the Tasmanian Devil of the Looney Toons cartoons!

Ville Raasakka reflects on the physical nature of the sound of wind and air, exploring how in the Western world view nature and the cycles of the atmosphere appear mostly as online artefacts or headlines, even though humanity has long since exceeded the bearing capacity of the environment.

Via the music of the late Usko Meriläinen, the man who originated the Tampere Biennale, we turn from the North towards Italy: Dall’inverno all’estate by Eero Hämeenniemi, written for the 150th anniversary of Il Circolo Scandinavo in Rome, reflects in its very title how artists of the North have for centuries travelled to Rome, to the South, to experience the warm climate and the ancient culture. And there is a lot to experience while there, such as the music of maestro Sciarrino!