Head Start Event

Exhibition opening: Galleria Saskia

Eino Ruutsalo: Light Wall, 1976, kinetic light art work, The Tampere City Collection
Eino Ruutsalo: Kineettisiä kuvia (1962), nauhateos
Unto Hämäläinen: Road to the North, 1970’s, kinetic light art work, Tampere Art Museum
Unto Hämäläinen: Waterfall, 1970’s, kinetic light art work , Tampere Art Museum
Pekka Sassi: Seven, 2006, single channel
Pekka Sassi: Line Fill, 2006, single channel
Kalev Tiits: Lunar cycle and stone, straw and amulet
Come vernal equinox, Tin convex, Glass bead triangle, Straw cycle, Ukonpii, Waterfront, Wood block, metal taper
Kaj Mäki-Ullakko JANSEN, 2018

Exhibition Openings continue from Galleria Saskia to Galleria Rajatila and to Galleria Himmelblau. Between the galleries the audience can explore city sound app VUSAA developed by Josué Moreno. The app is available in AppStore and supports iOS9. Please bring your own Apple-device and headphones to the event!

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