Seminar by the Association of Finnish Composers: Regional Arts Policy

Moderator: Markus Leikola (journalist)
Panelists: Hanna Susitaival (special advisor, Arts Promotion Centre Finland), Pauli Rautiainen (researcher, Associate Professor in Public Law, University of Tampere), Veli-Markus Tapio (special advisor, Finnish Cultural Foundation)

What is the future of culture and of arts institutions in the Finland that lies outside major metropolises? What are the pressures brought to bear on the government’s current regional policy from across the political spectrum and by various interest groups? What is the significance of regional arts policy in the context of regional policy at large, and how will the reform of the system of central government grants in the culture sector affect the accessibility and diversity of culture beyond growth centres?

This seminar jointly organised by the Tampere Biennale and the Society of Finnish Composers provides an update on today’s regional arts policy and examines the outlook for cultural pursuits in our country.

Language: Finnish

Production: Society of Finnish Composers