Ensemble Garage

Making their first appearance in Finland, this German collective presents to their listeners a veritable theatre of sound and scented music, amongst other things.

Brigitta Muntendorf: Public Privacy #3.1
Żaneta Rydzewska: So Forth (2018) (premiere)
Juhani T. Vesikkala: Togetherness (2017/18) (premiere)
Tytti Arola: Kahvi (2014/2016)
Benjamin Grau: Trap Type Piece (2018) (premiere)
Miika Hyytiäinen: Queen Bee (2018) (premiere)

Liz Hirst - flute, Till Kuenkler - trombone, Annegret Mayer-Lindenberg - viola, Malgorzata Walentynowicz - synthetiziser, Yuka Ohta - percussion, Simon Spillner - sound design, Brigitta Muntendorf - artistic director

Rooted in a trans-medial landscape, the “pioneers of idiosyncrasy”, Ensemble Garage, present new compositions that are based between music, performance and intermediality. A hybrid of premieres between Germany and Finland features recent works from the younger and youngest composer generation and invites us to enter different spaces, in which music not only sounds but also refers to other professions or environments.

Whilst Benjamin Grau (GER) explores an experimental approach of club-based dub music, Żaneta Rydzewska (PL) reflects the impact of everyday issues in a classical concert situation. Both composers are studying composition in Cologne and present their pieces for the first time in Finland.

Tytti Arola creates an everyday tableau with the percussionist in Kahvi, seducing the audience with relaxing aromas whilst playing on found objects. German composer Brigitta Muntendorf´s Public Privacy #3.1 Trombone Cover docks onto the idea of the Public and the Private and creates methods of composing that interact with live performance and virtual presence.

Juhani Vesikkala (FIN) explores another kind of Social Composing when he creates moments of togetherness and separation in a musical-performative setting. With Queen Bee, Ensemble Garage presents the premiere of a music theatre concerto by Miika Hyytiäinen (FIN) – erasing the borders between music and performance we become the observers of the dissolving and resolving of an anti-hierarchic spectacle.

Ensemble Garage invites you to be stung and bitten, involved and left alone, welcomed into a referential world of musically-based experiences.

Brigitta Muntendorf

With friendly support of the Institute für Neue Musik and the Studio für elektronische Musik der Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln.