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Keijut, DXXXA D & Nukkehallitus, Draama-Helmi


Äly (Antti Tolvi) - electronics, Aika (Tero Niskanen) - sampler, Lähde (Roope Eronen) - synthesizers

Dxxxa D & Nukkehallitus

Dxxxa D - vocals, Ville Jolanki - winds, Sami Pekkola - winds, Antti Tolvi - winds, keyboards, bass, Janne Hast - keyboards, Marko Ylianttila - guitar, Tero Kemppainen - bass, Jaakko Tolvi - drums


Helmi Kajaste – vocals

Dxxxa D & Nukkehallitus, who combine spoken word and free jazz, released a new album entitled Määän last autumn. It was described as the most surreal album of the year. Draama-Helmi is also known for mystifying lyrics and intense live performances; her ‘unclear rap’ has had audiences gasping since 2015. The cocktail this evening is topped off by the fantasy trio Keijut. This gig promises to be a feast of electronic psychedelics, 8-D effects and fairy dust.