The Free Radicals

Recent times have been but a long fest for Tampere Biennale. The previous Biennale celebrated its 30-year long journey. Now we are honoured to be the Festival of the year 2018, a title granted to us by Finland Festivals. This is a crucial landmark in the development of the Biennale. Founded by the City of Tampere, Tampere Biennale has been a significant forum for experimental sound from its very beginning, both domestically and internationally.

This year’s theme is Free radicals. The name refers to the importance of art as a spiritual resource, as well as to the creative independence required in making art. The featured performances explore, among other topics, the theatre of sound, the relationship between composing music and doing performance art, and the effects kinetic art has on music. The Biennale features over a dozen premieres.

Our international guests, Ensemble Garage from Germany and Esbjerg Ensemble from Denmark, perform their unique new repertoire as well as exquisite Finnish novelty pieces. In addition, collaborating with Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festivals, we bring you the Riot Ensemble, a fresh top-notch British orchestra, together with saxophonist John Butcher to join us in Tampere.

Tampere Philharmonics Orchestra premieres the latest work by “Shaman of Jyväskylä” Kimmo Kuokkala, Industralis, which studies movement and sensitivity with a soft touch. Some of the festival’s own commissions include Lintukoto, a sound installation by Max Savikangas, and Veli Kujala’s virtuoso piece, with ÄÄNI collective giving it its debut performance.

Mental Alaska has been involved in planning the evening club events, which guarantees that voices from the more experimental scene will be heard. When it comes to sound art, a special focus will be given to kinetic art.

Treat yourself to classics, new points of view, and playful encounters. Come and join the Free radicals!

Sami Klemola
Artistic Director
Tampere Biennale