Maarja Nuut © Kaupo Kikkas
Iva Bittová © Peter Strazay

Iva Bittová (CZ), Maarja Nuut (EE)

Two ministers of magical moods take the stage at the opening night club. The evening begins with Iva Bittová, one of the best-known performing artists in the Czech Republic. Her original and ground-breaking music is often inspired by everyday things, but her singing and violin playing weave an intimate and enchanting atmosphere. In the course of her career, Iva Bittová has worked in a variety of genres: jazz, rock, classical and opera. Her richness of ideas and plurality of styles makes her music unique. She has won multiple prizes at home and tours the world regularly.

Maarja Nuut is a fiddler and singer from northern Estonia who is carrying on the tradition of old fiddler tunes in a new way. In her imaginary journey through shifting soundscapes, traditional dance tunes, songs and stories mix with layers of live electronics. Maarja Nuut's debut album Soolo, released in 2013, was enthusiastically received and compared for instance to Iva Bittová. Her second album, Une meeles, was released in 2016.

“For me, music and the images and stories hidden in it offer an opportunity to travel from one reality to another, to visit a place where everything is possible," she says.

The concert ends at about 24.00.