Rajaton © Ville Paul Paasimaa
Young People´s Chorus of New York City © Stephanie Berger
Vox Aurea © Jussi Koskela
Indonesian Children and Youth Choir Cordana
Nordic Voices © Fredrik Arff
ONAIR © Michael Petersohn

Tampere Vocal Music Festival 2017

Welcome to the Tampere Vocal Music Festival to celebrate the boundless power of singing!

To honour the centenary of Finland’s independence, our programme focuses especially on children, youth and community. Local children’s choirs will shine with the Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra at the opening concert, and young singers from Finland, Indonesia and USA will light up the Songbridge concerts. Participate in a community choir project, warm up your voice at the Morning Sing, improvise in workshops, be inspired by Topi Lehtipuu, have fun at the Open Singing, perform at Tampere Hall at the Choir Market and the Chorus Review, celebrate Rajaton’s 20th anniversary, and enjoy the most amazing choirs, ensembles and singers of the world in concert.

Whatever your part, let’s share the joy of singing together in Tampere, and connect from the heart!

Sanna Valvanne
Artistic Director

100 choirs to celebrate Finland’s centenary

The Tampere Vocal Music Festival invites choirs in the Tampere region to a joint concert at Keskustori in Tampere to celebrate the centenary of Finland’s independence on 24 May at 19.00–19.30. The concert will be conducted from the balcony of City Hall by Sanna Valvanne, Artistic Director of the Tampere Vocal Music Festival. After the concert at Keskustori, the choirs will give pop-up performances in cafés and restaurants in Tampere city centre between 20.00 and 22.00. In the night there is an afterparty for all the participating choirs at the Old Customs House at 22.00. Titled 100 Kuoroa (‘100 Choirs’), the happening forms part of the Tampere Vocal Festival advance event, Muista Sävel! (The Power of Song). Participating in the 100 Choirs event is free of charge for choirs.

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Contest for Vocal Ensembles and Chorus Review